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About Us

Why Choose Helix

Helix Legal Academy offers unique pathways to opportunity that do not exist elsewhere in the city. The instructional vision of the legal academy is built around the five essential legal competencies:  advocacy, argumentation, critical thinking, research, and negotiation. These competencies are reinforced throughout the school year in all subjects. This emphasis on legal competencies are in addition to, rather than in place of, the legal academy’s focus on STEAM education.

Helix Legal Academy is inspired and informed by the unique local assets around it. Situated in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, the legal academy is only steps away from state and federal courthouses, dozens of law firms, the Louisiana Legislature, and City Hall and is centrally located to provide its students with real world exposure to the legal profession. While students develop key legal competencies, engage with legal professionals, and immerse themselves in all three branches of government prominent in downtown Baton Rouge, they will also have a chance to develop STEAM related skills through an elective that follows the Project Lead The Way curriculum.

Parental Access to Instructional Materials: In accordance with La. R.S. 17:355 (Parental Access to Instructional Materials) and La. R.S. 17:406.9 (Parents’ Bill of Rights),  parents have the right to access information regarding their student’s curriculum. For more information on curriculum, email Angela Domingue, Ph.D., CSO, angela.domingue@helixcommunityschools.org.

Our Mission

The mission of Helix Legal Academy is to empower students through advocacy, extensive analysis of the legal system, and a deep exploration of society driven by liberating and inclusive teaching practices.

Our Vision

Helix Legal Academy strives to develop resilient, self-motivated, civic-minded individuals, committed to excellence, and diligently engaged in their communities.

Helix Legal Academy Tenets

  1. ACHIEVEMENT: We engage in authentic, real-world learning experiences, embracing that critical thinking is the precursor to innovation, a key to college and career readiness and more positive life outcomes.
  2. COLLABORATION: We engage our time by embracing the premise that sharing resources and ideas is important because every student matters and every moment counts.

  3. PERSISTENCE: We engage in a joyful struggle where true learning occurs when we question, investigate, and evaluate ideas.

  4. JUSTICE: We empower students to practice fairness and justice everywhere, and that being a citizen of this community comes with the charge of service and responsibility.

  5. SELF-AWARENESS: We empathize with each other through courageous conversations and constant reflection, which is a catalyst for progress.

Our Approach

Our approach to preparing our students for academic excellence is grounded in a deep respect for the utility of data to drive progress toward ambitious goals.

To achieve these goals, we deliberately chart a path, with specific time-bound benchmarks, for students to make progress from where they are to where they need to be.

Along this path, we regularly collect and analyze data to plan and execute individually tailored interventions to keep students on course to achieving their goals.

Our Curriculum

At Helix Legal, we selected the top Tier 1 Curriculum to instruct our students.  They focus on conceptual understanding, hands-on learning, and integrating the principles of law and STEAM.  These high level instructional materials will prepare our students to be problem solvers who can compete globally.

  • English- Wit & Wisdom
  • Math- Eureka Math
  • Science- PhD Science
  • STEAM- Project Lead the Way
  • Law- ThinkLaw  

Tour Our Campus

Schedule to attend a tour designed for parents and prospective students. You will have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at our school and what we have to offer as your aspiring student begins the next chapter in their academic career. 

The Road to Graduation

Helix Legal Academy will open with a 6th grade class in the 2021-22 school year at the Helix STEAM campus in downtown Baton Rouge. The following year, the legal academy will add a 7th grade and will complete its expansion as a middle school in the 2023-24 school year.  

Our Leadership

Our School Leader 

Jason M. O’Dell –  Principal


Our School Board

Arthur R. Cooper, JD, Chairman

Wendi Berthelot, CPA MBA, Vice Chairperson

Michael Victorian, Treasurer 

Veronica Howard Sizer, JD

Dr. Luria Young

Renee Chatelain, JD

Timothy Burbach

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