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School Board

Composition of Governing Board:

This non-profit governing board is composed of a diverse group of community leaders from across Baton Rouge.
The Helix Board will serve as the governing body for the proposed school. Members include representatives from industry and content specialties, the non-profit community, government, education reform organizations, donors, and the private sector.

Diversity is also reflected as well along the lines of regional representation, gender, race, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. The board is comprised of the following members:

Board Members(Dates of Service are in parentheses () and italicized.)

1. Renee Chatelain,
    President and CEO at Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
    (February 2019 – Present)    RChatelain@artsbr.org

2. Arthur R. Cooper,
    Louisiana Department of Research and Development
    (February 2019 – Present)    Arthur.Cooper@la.gov

3. Veronica Howard-Sizer,
    Attorney at Law
    (February 2019 – Present)    vlynnhoward@bellsouth.net

4. Timothy S. Burbach,
Burns & McDonnell
(January 2022 – Present) tsburbach@burnsmcd.com

5. Wendi Berthelot,
    Director of Audit & Assurance at LaPorte
    (February 2019 – Present)    wberthelot@laporte.com

6. Michael W. Victorian,
    Senior Client Executive at CMA Technology Solutions,
    100 Black Men of America, Inc. Board of Directors Member, and
    National Collegiate 100 Chairman
    (February 2019 – Present)    mvictorian@cox.net

7. Dr. Luria Young,
    Retired Senior Associate Vice Chancellor – Southern University and A&M College
    (February 2019 – Present)    LuriaYoung@gmail.com

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